The Pride...

The Pride of Elgin is the name for the marching band at Elgin High School.  The Pride of Elgin is also a name that defines the values and goals of the Elgin High Band program.  Membership in the Pride of Elgin includes students, parents and community members

...of Elgin

The Pride of Elgin represents the best of Elgin.  We represent the diversity and unity of Elgin High School.  Our members come from all walks of life, many different backgrounds and cultures.  If something great is happening at Elgin High School,  chances are that someone from the Pride of Elgin is involved.

Our vision..

We are ambassadors of good will for the City of Elgin and Elgin High through the gift of music and the values of Cooperation, Collaboration and Commitment.


Member of the Pride of Elgin are a team that works together,  they are a FAMILY that cares about each other.  We have each other's back.  We are LOYAL.


We work together to achieve our common goal,  together with the support of the parents and our community,  we represent the City of Elgin and Elgin High School.


We make a commitment to each other, our skills, our school and our community.  That commitment is a sacred bond to be the very best we can be in all things.